The Book

The dustcover includes images of the five main characters, along with an image of the twenty three hole golf course

How did the book come about?

I first had the idea for this little book about ten years ago, when the frustrations of golf had given way to a mania for thinking about the game without any commitment to play, but instead relentlessly pursuing my habit of collecting any golf collectibles I could get my hands on.

The failure to capitalise on my literary ideas was drummed out of me by Alastair Allanach, during one of our many lunches at the Outsider Restaurant on George IV Bridge Edinburgh.   He has pursued me for the last year and more, exhorting more and more tales of golf yore, and occasionally providing a little editorial direction.     He has added his own slant to this publication, by collating numerous illustrations and artwork, and all the paraphernalia of bringing the book to print.

 I doubt if there will be a second edition, or even a reprint of this one, but the journey has been great fun.

This is a book for average golfers everywhere, and I hope readers enjoy the content as much as I have enjoyed creating it

Frank Crowe, August 2019

Author and Editor during one of their frequent editorial lunches at the Outsider restaurant, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh

The Author prepared a speech detailing the inner workings of the book, a speech he hoped to deliver at the Launch. He wasn’t quite quick enough, but it is reproduced in full here, and is recommended reading for all Jock Kirkcaldy followers.

‘The Golfing Life of Jock Kirkcaldy’ is composed of a number of discrete items:

  • Six original works of fiction in short story form
  • Six Essays on topics of interest to the Author, some autobiographical
  • Detailed description of books referred in the fiction and essays
  • Golf clubs ditto
  • Cars and vehicles ditto
  • An extensive glossary
  • Several original illustrations by Rob Anderson.
  • Forewords by Gary Player and Moly MacMillan

The Forewords

Two distinguished individuals have graciously contributed Forewords to the book.

Gary Player, famed golfer and international personality, as part of his contribution, made the following request:

Gary Player with his newly acquired PXG clubs, July 2019

“I’m also pleased to note that donations will be made to charity from the distribution of book, which I understand will have a limited print run.    I can only encourage those of you who are acquire the volume to give generously to the nominated charity.    Most of those who can afford to play this magnificent game can afford a little extra to support those less fortunate than yourself”.

Moly MacMillan, friend of the Author’s and colleague on APEX, the Scottish organisation which ” has a mission to: deliver services that enable all offenders and those at risk of offending to be the best that they can be, to achieve their goals and inspire breakthroughs in the way society treats them”.

Moly describes Frank in various ways, mostly complimentary, and concludes by saying “….Frank Crowe, you are a true Scratch Man”



Aside the Author and Editor, a few special people contribute to the book in a big way. See the Acknowledgements page for details.


Photographs and Galleries

A selection of images from the book.

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