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Jock Kirkcaldy is the product of two individuals, Frank Crowe and Alastair Allanach. Frank’s ‘Bio’ follows this, but if you want to view Alastair’s, follow this link

Frank Crowe – Author

Frank in full swing…

Frank has been, in his own words, a rubbish golfer for over fifty years, but for many of the last few decades that has in all probability been because golf has had to take third place to family and work, and has been confined to holidays, odd days off and evening rounds in the summer.

His LinkedIn CV describes him as a sheriff at Edinburgh Sheriff Court specialising in criminal and extradition cases.
He is a former Director of Judicial Studies.  He is interested in training together with legal and personal development and mentoring. Since February 2018 he has operated the Edinburgh Alcohol Problem Court where male offenders with chronic alcohol problems resident in the Edinburgh area are offered locally based help advice and support to reduce or eliminate the consumption of alcohol which has given rise to offending.    He has been a Board member for APEX Scotland a charity which provides training assistance and job opportunities to help offenders into employment and away from the lure of crime.

In recent years, in the words of Moly MacMillan, writer of the foreword to the book, “Frank’s golf-oholic nature has made him more like a golf shop than a golf memorabilia collector”.

Alastair Allanach (Designer and Editor)

Editors are often referred to (by Authors) as ‘grizzled’, ‘petty’ and ‘mean’

Alastair has been playing golf for over sixty years, and in recent times has been writing articles for a number of golf periodicals.  He has visited close on one thousand golf courses in twenty five countries worldwide, and has recently committed to visiting all of Scotland’s six hundred or so courses.   This phobia harmonises nicely with the Author’s fixation with golf books and golf equipment, and makes Alastair an ideal foil for this publication.

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