Presenting the cheque

The generosity of many of Frank’s (and Alastair’s) friends means that a substantial donation has already been made to Heavy Sound, the nominated Charity. Frank and Alastair travelled to Heavy Sound’s studios on Wednesday 4th December 2019 and made a formal presentation. The event featured in both the East Lothian Courier and Edinburgh Evening News. The photos below show Frank signing the BIG cheque, and the presentation being made to Jordan Butler of Heavy Sound. Linda Bendle, also of Heavy Sound was “gutted” in her own words when her trusty motor turned out not to be so trusty on the day. We have however grafted her into one of the images to make up for her absence.

Frank and the Heavy Sound crew had something to say to the Press after the launch…

Jordan Butler, Heavy Sound

This partnership represents a lot to us, we work closely with the justice system and lots of people who have experience on both sides. Having Sheriff Crowe working alongside us to create positive change and generate new opportunities for young people. We want to thank all the individuals who have donated for Sheriff Crowe’s book ‘the Golfing Life of Jock Kirkcaldy’.  The proceeds will go directly towards supporting the young people we work with throughout Edinburgh & the Lothians and will be used to run programmes for those at risk of offending.    Heavy Sound activities focus on using alternative methods of engagement and learning as well as a strong emphasis on prevention and early intervention. We would like to thank Sheriff Crowe and Alastair  Allanach who made the book possible; we greatly appreciate the support as do the people who work alongside us.

Linda Bendle, Heavy Sound

We’re overwhelmed that the proceeds of the golf book are going to Heavy Sound. The £2,000 will go towards activities being delivered from the Community Reach & Inclusion Bus (The Crib), directly benefiting young people we work with across Edinburgh & Lothians, and their families and communities.  The focus will be on alternative engagement including music, food, sports and educational and prevention activities. Services will also be on board providing help in areas such as housing and homelessness, money and debt, addiction and mental health. By taking all of this to people we hope to remove barriers to engagement with the aim of improving wellbeing and life chances particularly in areas of multiple deprivation. Excitingly, a second bus will be going into HMP Edinburgh at the start of 2020 which will be converted by the residents into another community outreach vehicle.

Frank Crowe, Author

I’m very grateful to the many individuals who generously contributed to Heavy Sound by making donations for the book.    Jordan Butler’s and Linda Bendle’s messages of thanks speak for themselves, but I would like to add that the journey that Alastair Allanach I have had in producing this book were amply rewarded when we saw the wonderful reaction of the Heavy Sound staff during the presentation.    On behalf of myself and all those who donated, I wish them all the best on their fantastic journey.

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