Jock Kirkcaldy’s anecdotes

Jock recently disclosed his 10 favourite golf courses. Not quite the order shown above, but needs must: top row l to r: #1 Southerness, #2 Silverknowes, #3 Murrayfield, #4 Goswick, #6 Kirkcaldy Balwearie, #5 Panmure, #7 Moray, #8 Eyemouth, #9 Elie, #10 Durness. These are explained in detail elsewhere…

Just the other day, Jock gave some hints about his new stories; of his account of ‘Rab the Groundsman‘, a tale available on this website, it is reported that he said;

“Rab is based upon a groundsman at Silverknowes who was there for years and Big Willie worked the course at Murrayfield until he retired about 15 years ago. There was a decent old guy I knew at Murrayfield (but I can’t remember his name) who is the Gregor character, I think he was Ian somebody. The rest is just my fevered imagination though I never had any trouble in the Doo’cot as there was a landlord put in by the brewers who ruled with a rod of iron and barred any trouble makers. They had presumably already been barred from the Gunners/ Penny Farthing in Muirhouse and ended up drinking in Davidson’s Mains at either the Mutton-Hole or the Norhet where there was a murder. I don’t think they were allowed in Ye Olde Inn.  Further along Ferry Road in the other direction was the Ferry Boat which was closed for a long time after ‘RB’ (a local hard man) led a young team who got done for murder. I saw him in court years later when he had got out and was settled down with a missus and kids. He got done for having no insurance and the PFD gleefully put up his PC Murder Detained at Her Majesty’s, but the Sheriff just said it was not analogous and asked him what he was doing these days. The same Sheriff also dealt with one of his boys who got in a bit of bother but seemed to have a job and let him away, and didn’t see him again”.

The other story, ‘Hell Hath no Fury‘, is about Big Jessie, a cleaner at Silverfield, treated badly by some toerag members, who nurses her wrath until the opportunity arises, then takes appropriate action.

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Rab the Groundsman can be accessed here

Hell Hath no Fury – like Big Jessie can be accessed here

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