“A lighthearted and enjoyable stroll through amateur golf”

Law Journal of the Law Society of Scotland, January 2020


“I found the short stories wonderfully readable and finished them by Sunday lunchtime. I have to say, I love a happy ending, so they all satisfied me on that front. Something that quite surprised me is that I thought that the ‘Law’ elements in the stories would be those that I enjoyed most. However, it was the golfing bits that I found more interesting. I think I have played two rounds of golf in my life and never got hooked. I did caddy once in a staff versus pupils match at Balnagask in Aberdeen and that I really enjoyed. I suppose it was the views over the harbour and the fact that there was no pressure on me as a “bagman”.  The sub-plots of family illness, Jimmy’s back story, etc were cleverly dealt with and certainly touched a chord with me.  I also loved the parts of the book like the glossary, the map of Silverfield, “golf clubs featuring in the book” etc. It was like reading an “Eagle” annual on Golf. I particularly enjoyed the “The Golf Club O-Holic”. I can see parallels in records and books with me”.

Roy Keil, Book collector and ingenue, November 2019


Yesterday I finished the book, and must say it was a very enjoyable read, even for someone totally ignorant about golf as I am.  I have to confess I skipped some of the bits exclusively about golfing equipment, but otherwise I found it very entertaining, and full of memorable characters.  In addition it took me back to the old days in Edinburgh.  I was very glad to see that Lothianburn got a mention.

Kathleen Allanach, fervent book reader, December 2019


Michela (right) with her friend Arianna, holding their copies of the book during a recent assignment at the Italian Embassy in London

The author met Michela Rubbi a few years ago through a solicitor at court who had Italian connections.  He arranged for Michela, a law student at Milan to come for a few weeks work experience.    The lawyer’s fellow partner at work fell ill and he was finding it difficult to do all the work and show the young lady about.     The author offered to take her under his wing and although mostly criminal stuff she enjoyed the experience.    Her English was excellent and she is very bright, destined for a stellar career in International Law in a big corporate firm. She came back the following year and saw an interesting jury trial which he was doing.  The following year as part of her law degree she had been on work placements abroad and she and her friend Arianna had jobs at the Italian Embassy in London in their publicity section for three months.    The author promised them copies of the book when it was published, and the photo shows Michela on the right with her friend Arianna on the left.    

We eagerly await their official review, but in the meantime their immediate responses include wow, bellissimo, splendido and molto bene Franco.

Michela Rubbi, Italian Lawyer, January 2020


Jock Kirkcaldy is brill

Gus Gillies, Edinburgh golfer and punter, April 2020


Not all reviews are good…

The page numbering has too much space between digits, and some of the grammar is ‘estuarial’ (presumably Fife-estuarial – editor), otherwise I have little comment.

H McC, frustrated etymologist, February 2020

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