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Having safely negotiated the construction of half a dozen each of stories and essays, the Author and Editor decided have decided to create some new works, particularly given that they now have the facility of a website to publish them, obviating the high risk (and high cost) route via paper. They started with some short essays, intended to fill some gaps in the origins of the book (see Recent Additions), and more recently have created some full length short stories. These are defined as being between 5,000 and 7,500 words; the next stage up, a Novella, is around 30,000 words, and in these soundbite and text-speak days, tends to be in danger of boring even our mature audience, so we’ll skip that option.

The Author, in the persona of Jock Kirkcaldy, has (as at April 1st 2020) produced a couple of short stories, while Jim Montpelier, the Editor’s alter ego, has produced a single offering. More will appear in due course. Use the top level menu options to access them, or use the following links.

Jock Kirkcaldy’s new stories are available here

Jim Montpelier’s new stories are available here

If, when you are finished, you consider that a small donation to a worthwhile Charity might be a carrot for the Authors to work on a few more ideas they have, visit the home page of our chosen Charity – – where you will see that they have modified their considerable talents to provide a food service for the poorer people in their community. There is a ‘Giving’ option: a few shekels will be much appreciated.

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